James B. Colgate Hall was originally built as the university's first library, though today it houses offices for admission and the administration. What is or was your favorite study spot on campus?

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Katie (Garman) Kammerdiener ’10 | Alumni

In the spring of 2008, I met my now-husband Jason in a class that we took together as sophomores: a geology class that met in Lathrop Hall. This was the semester that the brand new Ho Science Center was opening, and many classes were moved out of Lathrop that spring. Jason and I took advantage of the quiet in Lathrop to study almost every night in the geology study lounge on the fourth floor, and one day he "proposed" with a paper ring and we began dating. Eventually, we made the move and began studying in the new geology study lounge on the fourth floor of Ho. A few years later, in the spring of 2012, Jason had joined the staff at Colgate and I was visiting him on campus, and he asked if we could take a trip to Lathrop so he could show me the renovations that had taken place. He told me he specifically wanted to show me the changes to the study lounge on the fourth floor that we had enjoyed so much. When we arrived on the fourth floor, I was confused by the obvious lack of construction, but then we walked into the former study lounge, where Jason got down on one knee and proposed for real! It was very special to bring it full circle, back to where our relationship began, in a study space that was such an important part of our student experience.