Your Stories

The Colgate experience creates bonds that transcend generations. Celebrate Colgate at 200 Years by sharing your experiences via the prompts below. Then, let your love for alma mater swell.

I try my best to emulate Professor Balakian's philosophy of teaching with my own students, especially my senior AP Literature students who thrive when they are challenged to think for themselves.”

Frederick W. H. Rudofsky, Class of 1989

Colgate’s diversity challenged my small world to expand. The breadth of our Core courses was the blueprint of a liberal arts education.”

James Fox, Class of 1962

The singular teaching influence was ‘inquiry’: the openness to ask questions, encouragement to engage in respectful dialogue across differences, and ample space given for ‘not knowing’ but sharing the journey of self-reflection and self-knowledge acquisition.”

Michael A. Koplinka-Loehr, Class of 1979

More stories from the celebration

Tell us about a project, an experiment, research, or any assignment that you found particularly stimulating or formative.

Intellectual rigor and close student-faculty relationships are hallmarks of the Colgate experience. Tell us about one of your favorite professors.

During this holiday season, write a note of thanks to someone who positively influenced your Colgate experience — a parent, roommate, teacher, friend.

What song brings you back to your time at Colgate? What would you add to a playlist of Colgate essentials?

Charles Addams attended Colgate in the 1930s. With Halloween approaching, let us know your favorite Addams family character. Do you think anything at Colgate or in Hamilton might have inspired Addams?

James B. Colgate Hall was originally built as the university's first library, though today it houses offices for admission and the administration. What is or was your favorite study spot on campus?