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The Colgate experience creates bonds that transcend generations. Celebrate Colgate at 200 Years by sharing your experiences via the prompts below. Then, let your love for alma mater swell.

[Karen Harpp] made me feel appreciated and inspired and stopped my tears. And I texted her back, ‘Are you in your office? I want to come give you a hug and thank you in person.’ She responds, ‘No, actually I'm in a submarine hundreds of meters below the ocean off the coast of the Galapagos. I'm about to go on air for the segment I'm doing for BBC, but I'll text you later.’ I have never felt so loved”

Jenny Lundt, Class of 2019

Because if there's anything I learned there, it's that I can write essays, work 12 hour days, teach and interact with wonderful people, and run half marathons on the weekend.”

Silvia Bobeica, Class of 2013

The singular teaching influence was ‘inquiry’: the openness to ask questions, encouragement to engage in respectful dialogue across differences, and ample space given for ‘not knowing’ but sharing the journey of self-reflection and self-knowledge acquisition.”

Michael A. Koplinka-Loehr, Class of 1979

James B. Colgate Hall was originally built as the university's first library, though today it houses offices for admission and the administration. What is or was your favorite study spot on campus?

In 2019, Colgate will achieve carbon neutrality, a milestone in sustainability efforts. What is a goal you have for the future of Colgate?

The 2017–2018 season in Colgate athletics was one of historic success. What is your favorite athletic tradition or event, past or present? Share a related personal memory.


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Charles Addams attended Colgate in the 1930s. With Halloween approaching, let us know your favorite Addams family character. Do you think anything at Colgate or in Hamilton might have inspired Addams?

Earth, Wind, and Fire is performing at the Colgate at 200 Years Kickoff Weekend celebration. What was the best concert or performance you ever attended on campus?

As the semester kicks off, students are scrambling to get their books for class. In your Colgate experience, what was the most influential book you read or discovered, and how did it influence you?

Tell us about a faculty member whose instruction, guidance, or mentorship has had a significant personal or professional influence on your life. What was the impact?

Over the summer, Colgate opened its newest facility, Benton Hall, as a home for programs to aid students in preparing for their futures. What influence has your academic experience at Colgate had on your career trajectory, or career plans?

The Clifford Gallery exhibition The Hill Envisioned: What Might Have Been — What Might Yet Be by Professor Bob McVaugh and his students explores the history of Colgate's physical campus. Tell us about a location on campus that has significant meaning to you, and why.