Charles Addams attended Colgate in the 1930s. With Halloween approaching, let us know your favorite Addams family character. Do you think anything at Colgate or in Hamilton might have inspired Addams?

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Jason Kammerdiener ’10 | Alumni

Many are likely aware of the rumor/legend that the Addams Family house was inspired by the architecture of a home in the village in which Addams was purported to live. Having spent the past few years working in Merrill House, however, I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of Merrill House wasn't mixed into his vision of the Addams Family home!

The former home of the president, Merrill House now houses a faculty and staff dining room, the university's communications office, and some of our capital projects/facilities staff as well. By day, Merrill House is a gorgeous, old specimen.

But, by virtue of working on the third floor and being a terribly forgetful person, I've found myself occasionally returning to the building at night to retrieve items I've forgotten. And when the building is dark and empty at night, its dark wood interior, grand staircase, and shadowy details blend to take on a sense of foreboding and menace. I suppose there's a reason Merrill House was chosen as the site for a performance art seance several years ago!