What song brings you back to your time at Colgate? What would you add to a playlist of Colgate essentials?

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Richard D. Rasor ’61 | Alumni

In the olden days when Colgate was a proud "men only" campus, our renowned acappella singing group, The Colgate 13, always included "Colgate Is The Place For Me", unfailingly evoking a loud, enthusiastic response. The verse that generated the most applause and laughter always was:
The coed leads a sloppy life
She eats potatoes with her knife
Once a year she takes a scrub
And leaves a ring around the tub.
And yet she's loved by every one
Who is a loyal Colgate son.

I double dare the wonderful "13" to try that one today!

Arthur W Rashap ’58 | Alumni

I am a member of the class of 1958 and the song that stands out for me was Rock Around the Clock which was blasting out of several windows around the Quad when the winter snows started melting in the Spring of 1955 and we (only men at that time) began feeling - what can I say? - our oats, kittenish, wanting to twist and shout.
These were sounds we hadn't heard before - the beginning of rock and roll for we the initiates. One direct result I remember clearly (not that I can remember anything clearly at this age) was that a Vokeswagen that had been left on campus by some magically process became parked on the roof of West Hall.
As a postscript to this event, I do need to remind the reader that at that time, the drinking age was 18; that there were some 1,300 men enrolled at Colgate, and that there were many, many establishments serving alcohol in Hamilton.
Arthur W. Rashap, "58

Jay Fogarty ’92 | Alumni

I believe I heard "It takes two" by Rob Base every time I walked into Sigma Chi. Now, I can't separate the two.

Marcel Vernon, Sr ’92 | Alumni

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock - It Takes Two

Scott Phillips | Faculty & Staff

This is an awesome question! Great job for asking it and making it super easy to respond. I have only worked at Colgate for 1 year. I have to say WRCU is what I identify Colgate and music with. I stream it during my work day and sometimes on the way west on the way home in the car. I am so pleasantly surprised to hear such great music from across all genres and decades. It makes listening fun instead of a chore that can sometimes be with new music. Specifically, "Dad Rock" by Keira Mongeon '19 and Isaiah Keyes '19 is a favorite. I had never heard that term before - so when I hear "Dad Rock", I will always think of them and Colgate.

Bradford Ramsdell ’11 | Alumni

E-40, “Tell Me When To Go”

Charles ’81 | Alumni

A recent song that reminded me about my days in Hamilton, is "Famous in a Small Town" by Ben Morgan (on his "Sweet History" album). Although in a different context, it talks about being comfortable with being in a small town, and not feeling the need to choose something bigger or grander. I chose Colgate over Ivy League schools and over schools in real cities with "more going on", but have never regretted the choice, and the memories of the days when I was happy in the small town of Hamilton, and on the accessible campus of the Gate remain good ones. Check out the song, its good in its own right.