Reunion Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus accommodation may be available at nearby hotels, B&Bs, and private rentals. If staying off campus, please plan your travel accordingly. Cruisers will run between downtown and campus, while on-demand rides are limited to a 5-mile radius of campus.

Colgate maintains lists of nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts and private rentals. The following area hotels are all located 30 minutes from campus and may have availability:

Additional listings are located at Hamilton NY Homes, Madison County Tourism, and Airbnb.

Camp Fiver

Camp Fiver is a nearby summer camp with limited lodging available for the weekend. For more information on accommodations at this rustic summer camp, please email

On-Campus Housing

This event has inspired nearly 3,000 alumni and friends to register before March 20, 2019. As a result, our campus housing accommodations are currently filled. 

New registrants may also secure housing at any of the locations that might still be available in the area. You can find a list of off-campus lodging options in the section above.

We hope to see you back at Colgate in late May.


Side door to Andrews Hall

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