The 2017–2018 season in Colgate athletics was one of historic success. What is your favorite athletic tradition or event, past or present? Share a related personal memory.

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Kevin Hart ’97 |Alumni

In 1993, the Colgate football team scored 21 points in the final four minutes for a comeback win over Columbia.

It was my freshman year, and we couldn’t believe what we saw. Successful onsides kicks, two-point conversions, big special teams plays... Everything had to go perfectly, and it did.

Nobody who was at that game will ever forget it. I’ve never seen anything like it since.

Sue Waldman Steinke ’84 |Alumni

Sooo many memories as a varsity basketball and softball player in the early 80s. In those days, being a multi-sport athlete was still common. In fact, there were still several three sport athletes .. but, like the dodo bird, these stalwarts went extinct. In 1981, both teams came out of nowhere to win our respective NYSAIAW championships amid highs and lows, crazy van rides, ridiculous rituals, and a lot of road trip studying. There were many stars that needed to align for us to achieve such unexpected success, and one of the biggest was our senior leadership. Not surprisingly, most of the seniors were multi-sport athletes and our basketball team was led by two three-sport studs. An incredible balance had to be achieved between studying, training for multiple sports, and being a normal human being. Some days it happened, some days it didn’t … some days you were more athlete than scholar. Some days you were more scholar than living organism. But in the final analysis, this challenge shined a reflective light on the real, non-Colgate world… and lessons a 21 year old couldn’t understand came into specific relief as a card carrying adult. Go Gate!

Charles Ehin ’60 |Alumni

I'm proud to have played football for the Raiders for four seasons (1956-59). As a WW II survivor and immigrant I'm also most grateful for such a distinguished university to have awarded me a four year scholarship. Go 'Gate!

Michael Grossman ’92 |Alumni

Watching the hockey team beat Harvard 6-5 in OT 2/11/89 my freshman year with my roommate and other good friends. It was one of just three losses for the eventual NCAA champions that season. The game had everything, including an injury to starting goalie Dave Gagnon when he was hit in the face mask by a slap shot, a breakaway save by his temporary replacement, Gagnon's return, a blown lead and then a winning goal with about 20 seconds to go in OT to "defy" the laws of momentum. I'm not sure it was ever louder in the jungle!

Paul Sinusas ’02 |Alumni

While probably not the most PC tradition, I loved our additions from the student section at ice hockey games.

PA: There are two minutes left in the period.
Colgate students: And ———— still sucks.

I returned to campus for a game as an alumnus and proudly sat in the student section as the old guy. The tradition did not continue.

Malcolm OHara ’77 |Alumni

Four years of tailgating with the Colgate Thirteen at football games, Yale, Princeton Cornell and Army all stand out. The great hospitality of the alumni who gave us food and drink for a song. Good memories that were even better after Fred Dunlap took over as coach and we won all the time. Mal O'Hara '77

Lori Eaton ’81 |Alumni

Softball was a club sport when I arrived at Colgate in 1977. Through hard work, determination and a good coach who cared to develop our program (Janet Little), we were a Varsity team by my senior year "81. The State Tournament was on Long Island and we had to road trip by van from Hamilton. The tournament was not just exciting, it was extremely memorable as Colgate Women's Softball was unheard of. We not only won the tournament but we all developed a special sense of pride for the accomplishment of a young Club team becoming a State Champion within four years. We also had a fun time bringing our lab animals to study for the "Bio" Nerds!!